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Property investment with sunstainable returns
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Yuma Apartments as a capital investment

Novel property investment
with sustainable returns

Contemporary residential concepts that address megatrends such as urbanisation, mobility and sustainability are few and far between. The temporary rental market in particular seems to have come to a standstill.

This is where the innovative business model of digitally managed YUMA Longstay Apartments comes in, offering a novel property investment that ensures investors sustainable returns. Commercially operated apartments offer tax advantages, are robust against rental market regulation and not subject to rent control.


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YUMA Longstay-Apartments take investing in real estate to a new and more profitable level.

  • Apartments of around 25 sqm, inc. bathroom
  • Commercial accommodation with a longstay focus
  • Digital rental management system for the buyer (Completely Carefree package)
  • Secure cash-flow
  • Managed commercial property

YUMA Highlights

  • Residential-like risk profile without the drawbacks of rental market regulation
  • Short and efficient construction time thanks to modular construction and/or conventional design with a consistent new-build
  • quality standard or existing properties of a new-build quality standard
  • Premium real estate and high quality facilities, high design standard
  • Urban location in major German cities

Buy apartment in Leipzig

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YUMA Apartments are located in Berliner Straße 7 a + b, in Leipzig’s Zentrum-Nord district. This location is very close to the city centre. From there it is just a brief walk to the city centre, central railway station, zoo and Rosental. Daily needs can be met in the immediate vicinity at the central station’s shopping mall.

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Yuma, the best stay
after a busy day.

YUMA Longstay Apartments stand out for their stylish ambience, optimum use of space and exceptional standard of furnishings, interior design and technology. Tenants can benefit from additional services via the YUMA app.

Your temporary home

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Completely Carefree package for the purchaser

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Carefree and convenient capital investment

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Digital lease or rental management via Yuma

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Secure cash-flow

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No rent cap


YUMA means an atmosphere of wellbeing just like at home, even when you are away.


You can have Your Urban Managed Apartment exactly how you need it: With a large or small floor area, living or working space, opportunities for retreat or contact to the city. Experience the spirit of the city, enjoy your private sphere or meet like-minded people.
The choice is yours.

Prepare your favorite dish in the community kitchen or immerse yourself in the local food scene - YUMA is your personal space in the new city.


Experience the spirit of the city, enjoy your private sphere or meet up with the community for co-working or chill-out.

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First opening: Leipzig

This booming metropolis in Central Germany is the setting for the first YUMA opening. In a central location with the best connections to the main railway station, market, exhibition venue and airport, 83 managed apartments are being created here distributed between 2 blocks. An attractive port of call for all business travellers on the lookout for their personal space in the new city.

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The Immero Group and likewise the YUMA Group pursue the guidelines of ESG in a sustainable and constant manner and work towards taking a leading role in compliance and continuation of the guidelines in all areas in the guidelines of both groups, which include a corresponding voluntary commitment by the management. Management and employees have a strong awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.