Top facilities for every need

YUMA Apartments stand out for their inviting atmosphere, cosy ambience and exceptional comfort thanks to thoughtful furnishing details. Their modern facilities such as high-speed wifi and Internet, a flat-screen TV, espresso machine, refrigerator and a lot more leave nothing to be desired.  

The following 360 degree views give you an impression of the look & feel of a YUMA Apartment. To navigate, simply click on the image, hold and move the mouse to explore the room. Enjoy your virtual check-in!

Cosy atmosphere just like at home

The top-grade interior design and premium facilities with lots of thoughtful details offer a home with maximum comfort and the greatest possible flexibility for the individual user.

Individual work-life balance: the modular bed

The apartment can be easily adapted to an individual work-life schedule. Simply transform the room at the touch of a button: The modular bed folds up, disappears into the wall only to reveal a cosy living space with a couch.

Hexagon Hexagon

The modular bed

A touch of a button is all it takes to effortlessly transform the room: The modular bed folds up, disappears into the wall and reveals a cosy living area with couch.