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YUMA Longstay-Apartments

YUMA Longstay Apartments are not operator-run properties. As commercial residential properties, leasing and rental management are organised digitally by YUMA.

You will be investing in a Completely Carefree package. At the time of transfer of your partial property, a stable cash flow is already in place. As commercial properties, YUMA Apartments qualify for input tax deduction. Moreover, due to commercial building permits, you will not be subject to rent restrictions that could jeopardise your investment strategy and therefore your returns.


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Furnishings & Facilities

Furnishings and facilities of the apartments (individual property) as well as the common areas (common property) do not have to be purchased by the buyer of the respective partial property, but will be acquired by the lessee (YUMA Service GmbH) and made available as part of the operating concept.

The same goes for the modular bed. The relevant procedure for furnishings and facilities at the end of the lease is regulated in the lease contract.


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YUMA tenants

YUMA tenants are typically business people and professionals. They sleep, live or work in their longstay apartments. Innovative features include the modular bed and modern room control.

With a high level of privacy and long-term residential ambience, the risk profile of YUMA's Longstay Apartments is more like that of a residential property than a hotel - but without the former’s disadvantages such as higher construction costs due to turnover tax and the risk of rent caps or regulation. Possible changes in demand on the Leipzig property market can also be largely absorbed by the focus on the longstay segment.

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The services of YUMA Apartments are offered and managed digitally.

This means no effort whatsoever for the owner. YUMA's envisaged focus is on self-sufficient tenants. To this end, various services are provided digitally by an app - such as car sharing, washing machine use or food deliveries.

These services are realised by partner companies of YUMA and are billed directly by YUMA Service GmbH or a third party provider to the tenant. Therefore the prices have no impact on the investor. Only individual services such as the cleaning service are offered by YUMA directly.

Tenants of YUMA Longstay Apartments naturally bring with them a great sense of self-reliance and lived individualism. YUMA takes care of the guests, choosing what facilities and services they need: more or less space, living or working space, privacy or contacts with the urban community. All these features give this investment property a strong competitiveness, lucrative USPs and a high level of attractiveness for a tenant target group that any owner of a classic residential property could only wish for.

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