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Contemporary residential concepts that address megatrends such as urbanisation, mobility and sustainability are few and far between. The temporary rental market in particular seems to have come to a standstill.

This is where the innovative business model of digitally managed YUMA Longstay Apartments comes in, offering a novel property investment that ensures investors sustainable returns. Commercially operated apartments offer tax advantages, are robust against rental market regulation and not subject to rent control.


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Long-term investment

yuma managed apartments wabe kontur v2

Completely carefree

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Prime location in the city centre

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Fixed and secure rent


Index-linked rent

An index-linked rent is a variable rent linked to the consumer price index and not to rent increases due to a rising local comparative rent.

No rent cap

Due to commercial building permits, you will not be subject to rent restrictions that could jeopardise your investment strategy and therefore your returns.

No rent control

No state regulations:
As commercial residential properties, neither rent caps nor rent control will apply.

Yuma Apartments

YUMA Longstay-Apartments take investing in real estate to a new and more profitable level.


Tax service included

YUMA Group offers a turnover tax service that is free of charge to the purchaser for the first two years. After these two years, the frequency of the required periodic turnover tax returns may be reduced to a minimum (for example, once per quarter or once a year). Please contact our partner firm if you would like to use our turnover tax service:
Lehleiter + Partner AG, Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

Our partner Lehleiter + Partner


Finance service


Your path to a customised financing solution: Our financing partner NCM Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH is your professional partner for all operational and strategic questions relating to your finance plan.


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Short construction time

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wabe yuma serviced apartments blau

Digitally managed

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Strong parent company

Immero Holding GmbH

The immero group is an owner-run and independent property management company, which also sees itself as an investment boutique and developer of opportunistic and value-add properties as well as a family office. The group covers the entire value chain of a property asset.

The immero REAL ESTATE GROUP develops the perfect asset concept and most favourable investment case for each macro and micro-location.

This requires in-depth knowledge of the sector, since medium-sized cities with attractive yields as well as small cities primarily require a tailor-made asset concept. As an owner-run company, the immero brand is not only a particularly flexible and fast mover, but also demonstrates great perseverance in complex transactions, project developments and investments.

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#175 Hexagon Hexagon

High quality

delivered by our construction partner

As one of Germany’s leading family-run companies in the construction sector, ZECH Bau SE sets standards in turnkey construction and realises demanding building and conversion projects. ZECH Bau operates nationwide, with a regional network and a personal team on site.

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