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Buy Yuma Longstay Apartments in Leipzig

YUMA Apartments are located in Berliner Straße 7 a + b, in Leipzig’s Zentrum-Nord district.

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Property Details

Lessee and rental company
YUMA Service GmbH

Offered property
YUMA - Managed Apartments
Berliner Straße 7a und b
04105 Leipzig

Number of apartments
83 apartments

Rental area apartment
ca. 25,96 m² bis 57,84 m²

Asset type
New build property
(Longstay apartments)

approx.. 01. December 2022

Number of parking spaces
6 parking spaces + 1 car sharing parking space

Informationen on costs & figures

Purchase price per apartment
172,748.03 € to 384,772.76 €

Ancillary purchase costs
approx. 5.5 per cent of the purchase price (currently 3.5 per cent property transfer tax, approx. 2 per cent notary and court costs, costs for financing land charge) plus commitment interest

3.41 per cent p.a. (indexed)
up to 10 per cent return on equity p.a. (indexed)

Maintenance reserves
€5.12/m² p.a.

Residential property management
€22/apartment per month

Expected rent
guaranteed fixed rent of €18.93/m² per apartment (commercial rentable floor area according to GIF)

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Contact us

Florian Martin
Head of Sales

E-Mail: info@yuma-immobilien.de
Phone: +49 661 90163950

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